More than 8 years being the most reliable industrial machining company in the international market.

Precision Machining Services and Products

Accurate machined parts, well done and at the best price

Kanoff Machining is a versatile company. It combines its experience and technological capacity to bring solutions to its customers, adapting industrial machining of parts to precise configurations required by the client and processes that include assembly and manual operation.

In the machining of parts, we have the necessary tools to work with all the materials commonly used in the industry such as bronze, aluminum, resins, steels, and irons.

The diversity of products on which we can operate is the widest in the market, these are some of the most requested parts:


Partes para bombas




Partes para compresores

Soldadura especializada

Reductores de velocidad

Válvulas para manejo de fluídos


Machining Products
Parts for pumps
Electric Motors
Parts for compressors
Parts for power generators
Parts for agricultural equipment

Our geographic proximity (nearshoring) allows us to transfer casting processes or machining from your business, helping you to reduce costs, inventory, and operation time. Contact us and see how it’s possible!

Our products have an essential impact as machinery or equipment components for different markets:

Our CNC machining services add to the success of your Project

Different services and a great experience in the same place conjugate to bring the best products to our clients. These are the services we offer:

Applied engineering services

-Use of CAD and CAM technology.
-Simulated software of molding: solidification and metal flow.

Protection and treatment services

-Thermic treatment
-Anti-corrosion coating


As part of our comprehensive service in the industry, we can offer gray and nodular iron casting through FA Foundry, located in our same industrial complex. Our sister company is one of the most recognized foundries in Mexico.

This competitive advantage helps us reduce time during our processes, operative improvements, and product reliability.

Quality assurance

State-of-the-art technology and extensive experience are used to ensure the quality of our products through various laboratory tests.

We have all the measuring devices and equipment required to ensure quality, among the most important we have:

-Romer Arm Infinitum de 59″
-Romer Arm Stringer de 59″
-A CMM Hexagon model Global S 118″ X 59″

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