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Trends in CNC machining

Understanding current trends in CNC machining is the first step to taking advantage of them. Here’s what’s changing and what it means for machine shops.

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CNC Machining Cooling Methods 6

Cryogenic cooling Liquid nitrogen can be injected into the tool to keep the milling surface cool throughout the process. Evidence has shown that this method

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CNC Machining Cooling Methods 5

Compressed air Minimal use of lubrication through MQL or solid lubrication significantly reduce the quantities of cooling agent needed. Compressed air is a solution that

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CNC Machining Cooling Methods 4

Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) MQL is a technique that tries to use the least possible amount of cutting liquid for machining. Because flood cooling uses

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CNC Machining Cooling Methods 3

Solid lubrication Strong metalworking liquids, or industrial ointments, can be used as a substitute for less viscous liquids. Water and soil can be contaminated using

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