Reducing Risk Using Machines-as-a-Platform

As CNC machines become more capable of executing complicated designs across more axes of movement at once, the risk of collisions and machine damage increases. This is a key reason why machines-as-a-platform are growing in popularity and importance.

Service providers like MasterCam and Provencut use computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to create digital twins of CNC equipment. Machine shops don’t have to rely on so-called “tribal” knowledge sets anymore. Instead, operators can download machine tool setups, specifications and pathfinding instructions as feed, speed and design “recipes” to execute on CAD designs.

The advantage of these machine platforms is twofold. First, it gives a shop the means to test machine calibration and product designs in a purely digital setting. Second, it reduces the risk of damage and faulty parts due to a poor match between calibration and workpiece design.

Moreover, design intent — including tool choice and finishing instructions — is baked right into the digital models. No 2D drawings are required.

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