The Truth About Abrasive Finishing Tools in CNCs

Finishing tools release little to no abrasive grit during use, and the amount generated is comparable to the metal chips, grinding dust, and tool abrasion created during ordinary machining.

New advances in abrasives technology mean that CNC machine operators are able to complete surface finishing simultaneously with other operations, speeding cycle times, improving product quality, and saving on off-line finishing time and costs. As a result, machine shops increasingly turn to abrasive finishing tools that can be integrated easily into CNC machine carousels or tool-holding systems.

However, this leads to inevitable questions about the use of abrasive materials in high-value CNC machining centers. In general, the concern is that “abrasives” – like sandpaper – release large amounts of grit and debris that could clog coolant lines or damage exposed slides or bearings.

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