Improving Business Continuity Through E-commerce

The custom manufacturing and machining industries have long been consultative in nature. Companies often faced a lengthy and difficult process of procuring the right inserts, mills, drills, and other materials and components they need for the task at hand.

The benefits of e-commerce in this space shouldn’t be overlooked. Online marketplaces like Xometry Supplies make it simple for job shops and manufacturers to find and purchase manufacturer-direct parts, tools and raw materials with transparent pricing.

AutoCrib and MSC Direct use a different tactic by providing on-premise vending machines for frequently ordered parts and machine components. Over time, these cabinets use inventory tracking to “learn” which products the shop goes through most quickly and automatically reorder them.

Another company, called DigiFabster, uses the e-commerce model plus automated estimating tools to connect machine shops with potential clients. The company claims some customers have seen their labor costs drop by 20% or more thanks to the platform. The idea here is to provide a full-featured customer portal for ordering services while allowing the machine shop itself to retain its independence and unique branding.

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