Supplementing a Limited Talent Pool With On-Machine Training

The makers of CNC machines and similar equipment recognize the value of intuitive operation. As devices become more complex and deliver more design variables into the operator’s hands, the risks of a limited talent pool in custom manufacturing grow only more pronounced.

A Deloitte study points to a potential $2.5 trillion impact on the U.S. economy by 2028 if steps aren’t taken to address the shortfall of skilled manufacturing employees. Quickly advancing technologies is one factor, and the rapid retirement of older, highly skilled workers is another. How are machine designers answering the call?

Machine controllers are larger and provide more screen real estate than ever to control machines and receive feedback. These new CNC machines help address workforce development bottlenecks and reduce the likelihood of user error through intuitive visual feedback.

CNC machines with workforce development and troubleshooting software can be more expensive on day one due to licensing costs. However, they can tell the user when they don’t have the right die or tool equipped, or when there’s a conflict between the design and the machine setup, or show other sources of potential risk. The result is fewer defects, more confident control over machine capabilities and faster throughput.

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