Boosting Uptime and Machine Life With the IIoT

Sensors have become considerably cheaper to deploy separately or incorporate into existing equipment in recent years. For manufacturers and machine shops, the benefits of merging hardware and software with the Industrial Internet of Things are clear.

Even small machine shops can use the sensing and data sharing capabilities of the IIoT. These include: •Aggregating historical data about machine and part performance, as well as energy demand, to uncover trends and bottlenecks and find the right moment to upgrade or replace machines. •Using intelligent machine monitoring to find the ideal moment to deliver preventive maintenance between production runs. •Incorporating smart material handling equipment that finds process bottlenecks and uncovers opportunities to add parallel production lines. •Adding tool presetters and machine probes that query databases to make sure the physical characteristics of the workpiece match the machine’s assumptions and ensure the right match of tool and workpiece.

Machines with integrated intelligence and internet connections represent the future of manufacturing. Companies have the tools they need to vastly decrease upstream product rejections and ensure the longest life for their assets.

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